declutter. organize.  breathe.

High STreet Organizers - 4 Step process

1. Consultation:

Melissa comes to your home or office for a needs assessment. Together you will discuss your goals for your space and how much time it will approximately take to achieve these goals. Shortly following the consultation, Melissa will send you a good faith estimate on cost and time needed to complete your project.

2. Sorting / Purging / Decluttering:

It's easy for the piles to, well, pile up! Melissa will work with you to sort your items into three zones - Keep, Donate, Toss!

3. Organizing:

Now the fun begins!  Melissa's expertise in all things organizational will help you come up with systems and storage solutions for just what you need.  Often you already have storage solutions at your disposal, but when you don't, Melissa can help show you the products and systems that have worked for other families and offices in the past.  She will even go purchase them for you, if you don't have the time.

4. Keeping it Simple and Smart (KISS):

Melissa will leave you the tools and know how so you can keep the clutter at bay and allow you to enjoy your space, whether it is your home or office - everyday!  She's been known to check in with clients she has helped days, months or even years later to make sure they continue to enjoy the KISS way of life.