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I will never forget the day that I spent with Melissa! What a professional she is at organizing a space. I thought she might run out the door thinking my place was "over the top" but not this gal! Her directions were excellent. 

Her suggestions were prize-winning. I loved her ideas for storage and keeping the house neat and tidy. Her system works and I'm a big believer after spending a day with her. Anybody with a disorganized home who needs an expert who never makes a criticizing statement about your living area can use the assistance of Melissa.


Rhode Island

High Street Organizers helped me reclaim my home. Kid stuff, projects and miscellaneous stuff had crept into every room. It wasn't relaxing to hang in the living room or eat at the kitchen table amidst piles of "to dos". 

Melissa's ability to envision our environment without clutter and skills to get us there, gently, are remarkable. Even my 10 year old, who likes to hold onto EVERYTHING, came to trust her because the proof was in the beautiful craft/Barbie playroom and open bedroom that Melissa worked with us to get to.  

Honestly, I love being home. And, I am grateful to High Street Organizers for helping me get out from under the burden of unnecessary stuff without sacrificing our style and individual treasures.

- Jen
Arlington, MA


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