We aren't feng shui experts, but we know how to organize any room, office or an entire home so that it maximizes and compliments your space. We'll even help get rid of items you no longer want or need - be it to sell, donate, or toss.


Whether you are downsizing, moving to a new home or office, or helping a loved one move to the next phase in his or her life, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals!



Putting your house on the market can be stressful, we're here to help your home look it's best and get sold! We'll help you pack away unnecessary items so that your space looks clear and desirable to potential buyers.



Live simply - that's our motto. To live simply you need to clear out the clutter in your environment – be it at home or at work. Less clutter in your space is less clutter in your mind. Less clutter in your mind allows you to breathe and enjoy your life more fully.

In today’s hectic world we are constantly being bombarded with more and more things to see, do, and buy. It’s difficult to stay on top of keeping our living spaces manageable.

That’s where High Street Organizers can help. In a gentle and respectful way, we will guide you through the process of purging and decluttering. Then we'll help you come up with organizational systems that keep your spaces clear and peaceful for years to come.

declutter.  organize.  breathe.
I've loved organizing ever since I can remember. I see visual clutter as a puzzle I need to solve and I'm the rare person who actually thinks it's fun! For more than two decades I have worked in the television industry. You have probably seen my shows on PBS, ABC, A&E, TLC, Discovery and the History Channel to name a few. My favorite part about this work has always been the coordinating - the organizing of all the various parts that need to come together to make a meaningful television program. 

I have spent years not only helping television documentaries come to fruition by keeping things organized, but also helping friends, family and clients live more simple and organized lives by helping them declutter their homes and offices. Now a lifelong dream is finally coming true with the launching of High Street Organizers to help clients on a regular basis. I look forward to working with you! Contact Us

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